A Quick Guide

White Sands Hotel & Spa offers all the necessary criteria for long-term growth and attractive rental returns, so whatever investment option you select, you can take the next step with total peace of mind

  • Cape Verde enjoys a year round tropical climate and has grown into a renowned sunshine destination with some of the best beaches in the world
  • New access routes are being opened all the time from many major European cities, creating new tourism markets and increasing the supply of visitors
  • The Islands are politically very stable with a democratically elected government and a strong fiscal policy centered on their growing tourism industry. This has delivered considerable GDP growth as well as new housing projects, improved infrastructure, schooling and medical care
  • Strict environmental controls and regulations for tourism development prohibit the building of high level, high density projects, providing further safeguards against over-supply and low quality developments
  • Cape Verde has experienced a spectacular tourism boom over the last 15 years, with a total growth of 155% since 2000*
  • Current levels of tourism demand far outstrips the supply of high quality Resort accommodation - a trend that is projected to continue well into the future
  • White Sands Hotel & Spa will be developed to the highest specification delivering a 5-star experience to all of its guests, and the hotel complex offers a range of luxurious facilities that rival any beach resort in the world
  • White Sands Hotel & Spa is being developed by The Resort Group pLC, an overseas property company with the necessary credentials and proven track record of delivering on their promises
  • The Resort will be operated by MELIÃ Hotels International, not only does this ensure a 5-star experience it also means your investment is backed by a globally recognised brand with a vast network of tour operator and travel agents to drive Resort occupancy.